ExxonMobil™ is one of the biggest petrochemical companies in the world. It offers a portfolio of raw materials, commodities and products with high levels of technical performance.

Fournier Polymers is one ExxonMobil’s most efficient polymer distributors in Europe. It offers processors a full range of solutions based on specialisation, modernisation and economies of scale.

Exxtral™ Performance Polyolefins, branded products from ExxonMobil™

Exxtral™ performance products respond to the changing needs of the European automotive market with tailored solutions offering high quality…

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ExxonMobil™ polymers for the packaging industry

Fournier Polymers presents the ExxonMobil™ range for the packaging industry, which includes unique solutions for conserving, protecting and promoting products in all situations, from the factory to the store shelf…

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ExxonMobil™ performance PE polymer product family

Fournier Polymers presents the ExxonMobil™ range of performance PE polymers. ExxonMobil divides its performance polyethylene (PE) range into three main brands: Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™…

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ExxonMobil™ EVA copolymer product family

Fournier Polymers presents the ExxonMobil™ EVA range of copolymers. Escorene™ Ultra EVA copolymers are used in extrusion film processes and offer excellent characteristics.…

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