ExxonMobil Chemical Performance PE polymers products family

In this article Fournier Polymers presents ExxonMobil Chemical offer for Performance PE polymer products. Exxon Mobil divides its performance polyethylene (PE) polymers offer in three main brands: Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™, which are used in a large range of applications due to their great performance attributes. These products have achieved a sustained growth thanks to their added value to customer’s business and across the value chain.

Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable offer a large range of benefits such as toughness, sealing/bag-drop performance, easy processing, outstanding optics, recyclability and downgauging possibilities.

Performance polyethylene (PE) polymers are used in a wide range of applications like packaging, agriculture, building and construction, healthcare and medical and industrial applications. 


Exceed™ XP Performance PE polymers

Exceed™ XP is an exceptional choice in terms of its step out mechanical performance and its excellent processability. Besides, it combines proprietary catalyst and process technology to introduce a new line of products which deliver eXtreme Performance for a large number of applications.

Grade NameMelt Index (g/10 min)Density (g/cm³)
Exceed™ XP 6026 Series0.200.916
Exceed™ XP 6056ML0.500.916
Exceed™ XP 8318ML1.00.918
Exceed™ XP 8358 Series0.500.918
Exceed™ XP 8656MK0.500.916
Exceed™ XP 8656ML0.500.916
Exceed™ XP 8784 Series0.800.914

Exceed™ Performance PE polymers

To formulate a wide range of film structures with superior performance, ExxonMobil recommends Exceed™ due to its wonderful mechanical performance with outstanding sealing properties, combined with best-in-class optics.

Grade NameMelt Index (g/10 min)Density (g/cm³)
Exceed™ 0015XC150.918
Exceed™ 0019IM190.918
Exceed™ 0019XC190.918
Exceed™ 1012MA1.00.912
Exceed™ 1012MK1.00.912
Exceed™ 1018 Series1.00.918
Exceed™ 1018KB1.00.918
Exceed™ 1018MA1.00.918
Exceed™ 1327MA1.30.927
Exceed™ 1327MD1.30.927
Exceed™ 2012 Series2.00.912
Exceed™ 2018MA2.00.918
Exceed™ 2018MB2.00.918
Exceed™ 2018MB2.00.918
Exceed™ 2718CB2.70.918
Exceed™ 3518CB Cast3.50.918
Exceed™ 3518CB Wire & Cable3.50.918
Exceed™ 3518PA Cast3.50.918
Exceed™ 3518PA Wire & Cable3.50.918
Exceed™ 3527PA3.50.927
Exceed™ 3812CB Cast3.80.912
Exceed™ 3812CB Wire & Cable3.80.912
Exceed™ 3812PA Cast3.80.912
Exceed™ 3812PA Wire & Cable3.80.912
Exceed™ 4518PA Cast4.50.918
Exceed™ 4518PA Wire & Cable4.50.918
Exceed™ 4536PA Blown4.50.936
Exceed™ 4536PA Wire & Cable4.50.936

Enable™ Performance PE polymers

Enable™ is the best choice for optimum solutions because of its excellent combining of process and bubble stability with HAO properties. Moreover, it enables film converters to further enhance their business with more stable operations, improve line output and downgauging and coextrusion operations.

Grade NameMelt Index (g/10 min)Density (g/cm³)
Enable™ 2005 Series0.500.920
Enable™ 2005CB0.500.920
Enable™ 2010 Series Blown1.00.920
Enable™ 2010CB Cast1.00.920
Enable™ 2010CB Wire & Cable1.00.920
Enable™ 2010PA Wire & Cable1.00.920
Enable™ 2203MC0.270.922
Enable™ 2703MC0.300.927
Enable™ 2705MC0.500.927
Enable™ 3505MC Blown0.500.935
Enable™ 3505MC Wire & Cable0.500.935
Enable™ 4002MC Blown0.250.940
Enable™ 4002MC Wire & Cable0.250.940
Enable™ 4009MC Blown0.900.940
Enable™ 4009MC Wire & Cable0.900.940

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