Versalis GPPS- HIPS products

Fournier Polymers presents the Eni Versalis GPPS-HIPS (general purpose polystyrene/high-impact polystyrene) products. These polystyrenes are commonly used for applications such as food packaging, industry, household appliances, toys, junction boxes, films and sheets.

The main characteristics common to the GPPS and HIPS grades are:

  • Easy processing
  • Resistance to cracking under stress
  • High chemical resistance to oils, fats and chemical agents
  • Deep draw thermoforming
  • Heat resistance
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Easy flow
  • High stiffness
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Glossy
Versalis GPPS- HIPS products
Versalis GPPS- HIPS products


The categories of general-purpose polystyrene and high-impact-strength polystyrene are widely used in many areas of food packaging.


  • Uses with dairy products: Yoghurt pots, fromage frais packaging, ice cream boxes
  • Catering: Containers and films for food use
  • Fresh food: Trays and small boxes

Various transformation processes:

Extrusion is the most widely used technology for polystyrene processing, but there are a wide variety of other processing technologies such as:

Cast extrusion:
shaping the melted mass, plasticising it and homogenising it in the extruder results in an end product with a high level of transparency, gloss and stiffness.

Extrusion blow moulding:
The melted polymer passes through a ring extruder.
This generates a tube of relatively small diameter, which is immediately expanded with blown air and stretched through traction. The film cools and solidifies.
It can then be folded between drawing rollers.

Form Fill Seal (FFS):
Widely used in the dairy sector, this is a high-productivity manufacturing process.
Depending on the intended use, the sheet can be made up of several layers.

Two-sided sheet:
Certain characteristics of the sheet can be improved with this technology (by drawing a moulded sheet): – transparency, mechanical properties, oxygen and water vapour permeability.

Produces items by heating semi-finished products until they reach the rubber phase (through plastic deformation).
End products produced with thermoforming include coffee cups and yoghurt pots.

Versalis GPPS- HIPS products